John Bullock
Berlin Series Prints : Limited Edition Book
Published by Concrete Cube Gallery in conjunction with his recent Berlin Series exhibition of print collages.

A Limited Edition of 100 copies have been printed. Each is numbered and signed by the artist. Soft Bound Cover, with 48 pages and 23 colour plates, features all Berlin Series works.
£45 + Delivery

To order a copy contact:

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Keith Smith
Ship to Shore
Capsized, trapped in abandonment, vessel and souls adrift searching for hope, for home. For those aboard, the endless and unforgettable moments
in time awaiting the rescue.

Dedicated to all those that risk their lives everyday and night on seas around the world.
Mike Howlett
60 Sample Photographs
A selection of photographs taken in Britain and around the globe.
Keith Smith
The Shipping Forecast
This is the familiar and peculiarly British litany of an island nation, constantly reminding us we are surrounded by water. The only constant is the horizon line. Weather changes in an instant. The watery demarcation lines of the sea territories are invisible. Time moves on.
Mike Howlett
Suffolk in Pictures
A small portfolio of observations photographed in and around Suffolk.